Student Support

The JBLFMU-Academic Online Distance Learning Units are established to ensure greater access to the clientele for admission, tutorial, counseling, testing and evaluation activities.  They also assist in responding to students’ needs, particularly for face-to-face interaction with their tutors. JBLFMU ODL provides student support system in the form of:

  • Individualized tutor support systems: tutors will be readily available to provide individualized support to ODL students to include specific conferencing schedules and real time feed backing system
  • Grouped-based support system: The JBLFMU ODL provides:
    • Tutorials to (1) introduce students to the course content; (2) respond to problems experienced by students as a whole; (3) facilitate group discussion or clearing house session; and (4) facilitate project work
    • Web conferencing: for students who may have the difficulty to travel and attend tutorials, they have the option to join web conferencing with the tutors
    • Collaboration systems: such as VOIP, web conferencing, Social networks, wireless technology, blogs, wikis,  mobile learning, virtual world
  • Counseling support: online students can avail of face to face session with counselors as long as they fill up online inquiry forms with specific counseling concern or need. Counseling support is a help desk for students:
    • needing assistance on course requirements
    • choosing courses and program of studies
    • needing advise on problems affecting their studies
    • needing advise on financial issues
  • Center-based support: online students are provided with access to  
    • Publications
    • Residential centers
    • Computing support
    • Websites
    • Course-based access

Success Indicators for Online Course. The JBLFMU-Online Distance Learning System provides the student with the freedom to tailor his learning to his schedule. This requires self-motivation and discipline. To benefit from this mode of learning, students must be committed to participate in the virtual classroom at least 3-5 days a week; respond to classmates' ideas and questions; use the technology properly or find a way to have access to the internet; complete assignments on time and enjoy communicating in writing.